04 June 2008

happy day.

Today the most influential man in my life was born. Happy birthday to my dear Dad!
The arties have now entered the fabulous country of France. It seems to happen so quickly, one second I was in Sky Harbor International Airport and now I sit on a loft bed in Issy, France. We are in a suburb of Paris and take the train into the city every day. What an experience. Sadly, after two days in this appealing city I have yet to visit the Eiffel Tower. Shocking I know, but we plan to get to the top to see the city at night. As a matter of fact we will be celebrating our new friend Natalie’s birthday (5 June) on top of the Eiffel Tower (I will be celebrating my half birthday this day too, I can not believe that I am twenty and a half, wow).
I am falling in love with Paris, as well. I suppose touring Europe for the rest of my life and peddling flowers from my bike basket will not be such a bad idea. Once I get the Italian language mastered, which should be getting there by the end of this year, I plan to study Spanish and French. Although I know absolutely nothing about the language here, I am smitten by the beauty. One day…
What have I seen here?
1. The home of Quasimodo.
2. Esmeralda’s ancestors.
3. DaVinci’s Mona Lisa (which is smaller than one would expect).
4. The residential suburb of Issy (children, apartments, art studios, bread shops).
5. Sainte Chapelle (ineffable).
6. Sainte Denis.
7. Numerous boutiques (too expensive for my own good, but have taken plenty of ideas for future craft projects).
8. The Seine (the river).
The final days in Madrid were fantastic. Plenty of sight seeing and adventuring. The rest of Paris will be brilliant. London will be incredible. Then back to Italy for two months!

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