18 June 2008

because i no longer know.

The trip began, the trip ended. There is a possibility that I am in the greatest city in the world, but I spent one of the most important holidays away from the man who deserves the most. Luckily Steve Jobs came through again and I was able to bid my father the happiest of father’s days before he left for church. What a lucky person I am to 1.) have a father and 2.) have Robert Alan Carroll as my very own. Thank you to him for helping me with the most memorable of summers.

I managed forty-seven days of not being homesick, then it hit me. Writing a letter to my father was not as easy as I originally imagined. I have a few more weeks left (and by a few I mean eight) then homeward bound. Just like Shadow, Chance and Sassy I will run to my home like I thought I would never make it.

a song: Homesick - Kings of Convenience

London is beautiful and keeping my mind off home. I spent the past couple of days...
walking through the most luscious parks you have ever seen:

watching and listening to the locals:

finding art:
hanging from gates at Buckingham palace:
walking where the Beatles once were:

admiring school children:
running through platforms:
picnicking in the park (with ellie and pigions):
happening upon naked bicycle riders (except thank goodness these ones are clothed):
visiting speakers corner for the hustle and bustle of religious argument:
shopping the market of Portobello while
listening to supporting local mucisians:

admiring the incredible houses:

and the cars:

meandering over and under bridges,
and taking pictures to remember everything that I love.

Not pictured is the tour of old London learning of the unknown man referred to as Jack the Ripper and his gruesome murders. and all of the eclectic European shops you won’t find in America.

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Barbara said...

Rique, as always, I love reading your words and looking at Europe through your eyes. Your new header picture takes my breath away!

Love, Aunt Barb