01 May 2008

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Remember when I arrived in Athens, Greece at 3:25 am? I hung out until 9:30 to meet up with fellow art historians. My time was spent in a mostly empty airport except about every hour when another flight would arrive. I managed to keep myself busy with my computer, music, people watching, wandering, or just sitting there. I called mom and dad to let them know I had arrived, which took about five minutes. There I was back in my seat, two matching suitcases, legs Indian style, attempting to understand what was going on around me. Today is the first time I realized that those Greek letters we use in math as variables are real letters of their alphabet. Oh what being in Athens will teach you.
At some point in my six hour wait the sun rose. I looked out side and it was pitch black and, what felt like minutes later, then the sun was up, taxis were speeding past, airline passengers roaming around. It was actually pleasurable to people watch for 6 hours.
At about 7:30 I removed my headphones and two seconds later the three Greek boys sitting across from me were talking to me. Their english, they tell me, is what they learned from the movies. They showed me pictures of their cars, and talked about their obsession with The Fast and the Furious. They asked if I would teach them english so I attempted while they made an effort teach me some greek. Both struggled immensely and eventually we gave up. Our converstations lasted a couple hours until I saw my girl friends and ran to them. All in all, the airport stays were not nearly as boring as I first imagined.
I am in Athens, Greece roaming through the streets getting lost with my friends. Dream.


carcar said...

hahah that sounds fun. I could people watch for hours too!

Whitney said...

greek boys, so hott right now