12 May 2008

they will see us waving.

One of these days I am going to learn to play the organ. I want the pipes to jump up and down with every note. I will frantically move my hands up and down the keys while my foot struggles to reach the base notes. One day, one day.

In the United States of America there are helicopters, fences, guards, surveillance cameras, guns, and more protecting the President's, not so humble, abode. Here in Italy the quote un-quote whitehouse is along a busy road with a guard out front. Seems odd, until you look in the entryway and there are guards with machine guns. I daydreamed I ran through the courtyard and was brought down. I decided an attempt of entry was not feasible.

If I were to spend longer than 4 months in Europe I would purchase myself one of these fine man-made machines. Preferrably THIS. I would ride all day long.

The cobblestone walk that lead to a mausoleum, converted into a church, and is now frequently used for weddings.

Soccer, or calcio, is obviously a popular sport here in Italy. I spied on the kids at recess while they enjoyed their games. It reminds me of my days on the playground. I would go back in a heart beat.

The offerings outside of Sant'Agnese's basilica. Even on a rainy day, offerings are given and candles are lit in thanks to a martyr.

A contribution of 50 cents gave me the opportunity to light this splendor. It took a couple tries of borrow the flame from the by-standing candle, whose flame was hotter than I anticipated.

Between lighting my offering candle and leaving I couldn't help but notice the lonesome toy cow lost in the bush. Happily rescuing it from the rain, she is now safely in my pack going on adventures with me.

This could be compared to the entry way of Narnia. Not quite as amazing, but I imagine what lies through these arches is almost as beautiful as Aslan's country.

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