05 May 2008

there were always golden rocks to throw.

Today has been the best day yet. We woke up around 5:30 this morning and left the hotel by 6:00. All 26 of us carted a suitcase (two in my case) down the dirty streets of Athens to the metro. I imagine it would be a funny scene, seeing 25 young girls and PJ play follow the leader all they way to the airport. I was more than excited to wake up and get to the airport, not because I didn’t like Greece, but because I have been waiting to go to Italy since I started learning the language almost two years ago. Granted I am not anywhere near fluent in Italian, I plan to be one hundred and fifty percent better by the end of the summer (this is one of my many goals this summer).
I do not recall the plane taking off in Greece and next thing I know we are approaching Italy and I am pretty sure my heart began to beat with excitement. The walk from the plane, to baggage claim (no lost luggage!), to the train, to the metro was all too fast. I was trying to keep up with everything that was going on around me, but it was much too hard. I will be taking each day slowly to absorb everything. I hope this love for the country remains, although I am sure it will.
We took the day easy and PJ treated the group to gelato. When I say treated I mean he used our money to pay for it, we just did not have to use our extra money. Oh boy was that gelato delightful. Thank goodness Molly and I made a pact that we would find other healthy treats besides gelato all the time. PJ turned around to the posse and I and said, “This…is what they serve in the Celestial Kingdom.” We walked around and saw various famous sights such as the trevi fountain and the pantheon. We just glanced to get familiar with the city, but we will be spending hours at these magnificent areas of Rome. So great!
I think one of the greater parts of the study abroad are going to be spending time with the director, PJ. He makes comments all day that are so random and funny. We can always get a good laugh, the posse and I have decided to stick with him as much as possible. We secretly want to follow him around one day, because he seems to adventure by himself all the time. Maybe we can pick up on the “hip” spots, learn a thing or two from an experienced visitors.


carcar said...

Ahhhhh so you go from people watching to people following, i see rique,mmmm. That is so fun you finally get to use your ITALIAN!!!! Buenas Suertes :) mangi mangi and bolita bolita!! mmmm gelato.

mike said...

Hey Rique,
Wow! What an adventure you are on. You are such a lucky girl. I recognize a lot of your pictures. They bring back fun memories of the trip we took to Italy with Sammy right before his mission.

Try to call Sammy when you get back to Rome. Your mom said it would be a week and a half before he returns back to the U.S. It is probably a safe time to call. I think he would enjoy talking with you (especially in Italian.)

You have such an interesting and creative writing style. I also love.........the pictures. Wow!
Take care and have so much fun!!!
colette cowley