04 May 2008

Sunny Day

It was a typical Sunday…wake up, shower, dress, go to church. The only thing different was taking the metro and walking up to the second floor of a building. The art historians (from now on referred to as the arties) attended one of the three branches in all of Greece and it was amazing. We dominated church attendance, but that did not matter. The meeting was half Greek and half English as there were many members who only spoke english and others who spoke only greek…imagine that. There was one translator who switched between the greek and english to help everyone. Between writing missionaries and listening to testimonies it is worthy to note how even when attending church in another country, you learn the same information, we believe the same things, we are all in it for the same reasons. What a great feeling.
It was a beautiful three hours. The most eye opening experience was listening to the members stories and faith. I am continually amazed by converts to the church and admire their strength. Just because I grew up in the church does not mean I know more than converts, but it is a blessing that I was given the knowledge since birth rather than having to find it later. I always wonder: If I had not been taught the gospel from day one, would I have found it later and believed? I could not imagine my life without the gospel and I appreciate every aspect of my religion. I know it is true, and I am thankful for that.
Besides attending church, the posse (Molly, Liz, Christine) and I walked around the shop area, took a Sunday nap, saw the Parthenon at night, and packed. It was a peaceful day. I look forward to my time in Italy and am preparing myself to LOVE it.


Sarah Elizabeth Fairweather said...

rique. you truly are magical.

Chelsea said...

so cool rique! I am so jealous that you are out in the world and letting it change you and loving it. even though i think you are perfect just the way you are. i love love love you.

ps - tell molly hi!