25 May 2008

new energie.

As it would, the treacherous piercing sound of the metro has pilfered that extra day of being able to hear fully. (It is too bad I have already put myself in that dilemma of being deaf from too loud of music). Imagine all the violinists in the world playing an awful note simultaneously, but louder and more painful. If that sounds beautiful to you, then you probably do not hear well. My ears may still be ringing. Lucky for the trains, I love them too much to let their music bother me. If Provo had some of these fine machines I would be in heaven. The past couple of cities there was no metro for us to travel to and fro and I am so glad to be back in the habit. Every city from here on out will have rails. Barcelona, Madrid, Paris, London. The last three weeks of this trip will be sensational.

Today is Sunday, the twenty fifth of May, in the year of the rat.
“Every day we’ve got to hold on ‘cause if he hold on we can find some new energy.”

Today is also the beginning of a new challenge for me. I am calling this challenge the one-hundred day adventure. It just so happens that there are one-hundred days from today that I will officially begin fall semester at Brigham Young University in my new major (which is Media Arts). This I could not be more excited for. My schedule is set all I need to do is get through the summer, move back to Provo (with my brother Robert this time), and attend classes with complete motivation. One hundred days to be excited and have something to look forward to.

Today also marks the last sixty days of Darien’s mission. I know my family is ready to see her beautiful face in person again. I could not be more proud of her and everything she is accomplishing in Spain. That is one lucky country to have such a fantastic human being.

One hundred and ninety-five days from today is my twenty-first birthday. It may seem far away, but I know it will be here before I have time to breathe. This would be the miraculous age that I can legally enter a bar in the United States (but we all know I do not plan to do that). This is also the age of huge decisions, hopefully by the end of one hundred and ninety-five days I will have a better idea of where I am going in life. For now I will enjoy every second of the present, looking forward to the future.

This one-hundred day journey, if it proves successful, will be a chance for me to reflect on my life. What I have done, and what I plan to do. I will still be Frederique Stone Carroll, but possibly a little more learned and primed for life’s pursuits.

For now, I plan to enjoy the next eighty-five days of this European life style, because, it too will be over faster than I want.

particular yellow buildings I passed on my walk home from church.

the yellow and red stairwell that provided my exit from the metro underground.

sunday presents a lifeless station.


Alyse said...

today also marks only 3 days until i get to see you! ohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh madrid has never had such a huge reunion going on...

Alyse said...

oh also. when you're in madrid, will you take beautiful pictures like this everywhere so i can steal them and pretend that i took them so i can remember madrid the way i want to? you just always take better pictures than i can, so i figure if you get some good pictures i will count them as my own as well...

kylie said...

love the phot-OS.

let's have some sort of dramatic reunion on the london bridge... yeah?

Barbara said...

I love your photographic eye! Great perspective!

The Corbusier said...

Love these. Your photos are outstanding.