21 May 2008

knee bone connected to the shin bone

song of the day: Collarbone - Fujiya & Miyagi
May 13, 2008.
During the train ride I counted nearly thirty-five times (in the space of five minutes) the word ‘like’ was used in the wrong context. We must work on this. Now that we all know what I was listening to, a series of ‘like’, we can move onto the good stuff.

The train took me from Rome to Napoli and another train transported us from Napoli to the pleasant town of Sorrento. Again I looked like the high maintenance traveler carting two matching suitcases up and down the cobble stone streets. I have been getting a little better with the travels and have considered writing a book: “Traveling Europe with two Suitcases.” I wonder how people backpack for a couple of months with only a few items. Four months of European living and I still feel that I do not have enough. Let us just say, I look like an American, I need to learn to blend in..

The last full day in Rome was a “free” day. But we were still required to visit one museum of choice. The girls and I chose the one modern art museum in Rome that we could locate. Remember how some artists do something strange like sign a urinal, turn it on it’s side and call it art? I love how oddly people think. I often wonder what actions, thoughts, people, objects, stories are running through their head when they create a piece of art. I was thoroughly impressed with the collection the Gallery of Modern Art housed. If I were better at the visual arts I would attempt the modern side of things.

Also on this last fabulous day in Rome, I took my mothers advice and decided to not be a “loner”. I spent all my time with the girls finding a few fun places to see. I should mention an interesting and immensely disturbing church we visited. It is known as the church of Santa Maria della Concezione dei Cappuccini. To me it will forever be known as the church of bones. From ceiling to floor, bones are used for decoration. Apparently 40,000 monks bones have been used. I looked at the monk who was sitting at the entrance I could not help but think he would be there in 30 years. I tell no lie when I say there is still skin on some of those skeletons. Whoever had the idea to do this must have been troubled.

forgive the crooked, we were forbidden to capture photographs. the coughing of us four drowned out the sound of my shutter.

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