28 May 2008

just to find this perfect spot.

song of the trip: Treehouse - I'm From Barcelona

Before we came to Barcelona PJ warned us that the city was currently in a drought. The first thing I thought of was taking showers. I do not need to a long one but some other girls do and I did not want to be roommates with them taking all my water. Our first morning in Barcelona, beginning with a seven am run, was very wet. It happened to rain, I would call our group a good luck charm for the city. For some reason though, the rain has followed us everywhere. Despite the reflecting ground, the day was eventful, and as follows:

We took a train to the top of a hill, where I was swinging on poles and managed to loose my water bottle (it took a trip under the tracks). Atop the hill was a museum that provided a FANTASTIC! view of Barcelona. The arties also took a stop at the location of world expo right in Barcelona, Spain. We had our regular visit to the grocery store to purchase the same meal of tomatoes, apples, and yogurt. (You would think it gets old after awhile, but some how doesn’t). The lunch break soon ended and we were back with the arties visiting the peculiar architecture of Gaudi. Despite 10 of us getting lost from the group, we continued to travel around Barcelona to see the buildings designed by the Gaudi.

I decided if for some reason I ever become famous or rich, I will build a park where people can play. For those of you who have been to castle park in Irvine, California and thought that was cool…the Park Guell wins. I could spend an entire day there. While at this spectacular park we practiced our modeling (apparently an episode of America’s Next Top Model was filmed here), played with a cute Italian child, were questioned by American boys as to whether we were cheerleaders, and watched male pigeons attempt to ‘woo’ the females. (The most entertaining event of the evening was watching one particular bird chase another around the entire platform. Oh they pain boys have to go through to get the girl.)

A couple gift shops later I decided I am starting a pin collection of my travels. I have an obsession with pins, and figure this is a super way to remember the places I have seen. Oh how I miss my pins.

For the final moments of sun the lost 10 arties continued toward the port where I had an adventure of my own. While dangling my feet over the water I couldn’t help but notice a bar surrounding and supporting the entire dock. “What a perfect place to hang,” I thought. So I did just that. I hung from the dock and did not think about the fact I would have to pull myself back up. Needless to say, if was thrilling and a struggle to not fall in the water.

I danced for the musician in the metro station, got a wink, a FANTASTIC from the hotel employee, ate my fourth apple, and retired to bed. Longest day of the trip, but what can you do when you only have one day in Barcelona?


Alyse said...

i've been to the castle park in irvine... and i'm definitely going to that other one that you mentioned as beating it in barcelona.

Barbara said...

Rique, I have spent a lovely Sunday morning with your words and photographs! You are a delight! I am so happy to see your happiness shining through. I can't wait until we have a chance to talk photography again. I want to hear about your processing and everything you are doing. Enjoy it all!