10 May 2008

just take this longing.

Apparently Michelangelo felt he was a much better sculptor than painter. I beg to differ, or at least commend him for his incredible accomplishment of painting the Sistene Chapel ceiling. What was supposed to be only twelve figures turned into more than three hundred. In the words of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, “Without having seen the Sistine Chapel one can form no appreciable idea of what one man is capable of achieving.” I am amazed, thoroughly astounded. Photographs could never do the work justice. I am appreciative of those who have a talent such as this to create things for me to admire. Three cheers for Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni.

Another decision: I enjoy museums, but visiting a historic catholic church has so much more meaning to me. With the arties and PJ, we have visited quite a few of these basilicas, churches, cathedrals and still more to come. The catholic religion places so much emphasis on the Virgin Mary, which is fabulous. She is such an incredible individual, and I could not imagine taking on the role of Christ’s earthly mother. This trip has already created such realizations that, had I not come I would be missing out.

Today I will claim as the best day thus far. From church to church, a vintage shop that smelled of tobacco and stale clothes (possible?), the met.ro. in the wrong direction, the met.ro. in the right direction and, as usual, finishing at the residence (pronounced res-e-den-che, meaning apartment hotel in english). Everyone wanted to nap so there I was alone. I grabbed a pen, paper, blanket and chair and created my own writing studio on the balcony. I wrote for a couple hours and decided to find a park. The park was unsuccessful but I was able to ride the met.ro. to the train to get of at an abandoned stop. I snapped a few pictures to remember why I do not travel by myself hopped back on the train (sorry mom).

Have you ever seen goth city? I did tonight. Walking through the piazza del popolo felt a tad strange when all you could see were the dog collars and black attire. Not to forget the insanely gelled hair. Luckily I was in an array of black as well, how could I forget my spikes and chains today?

Although I was alone (again sorry mom) my two hours were quite enjoyable. I pushed my way through the crowded streets while listening to conversations around me. You can call me eavesdropper. The alleyways and roads never ceased to charm. What an endearing city Rome is.

1. PJ, in the flesh, at a church.
2. Mary.
3. The view below my balcony. Also the two things I love about Europe, a fiat and vespa.
4. My abandoned train stop.
5. The entrance to goth city. I was much too nervous to snap a picture of them, but believe you me it was ridiculous.

next to my family, i miss my bike the most.

lecture by Professor Johnson.

just a couple of guards/police men.

the definition of Italy.

my two favorite musicians today.


Whitney said...

i LOVE the last one

Alyse said...

i'm a little bit upset with you that you miss your bike more than you miss me. unless by saying "family" you are including me in that. if not, you have some explaining to do...

carcar said...

all of your pictures are so so cool. And i really like the song :)

matthew said...

yeah r., well done! dig the picture of the saxophone across the avenue, also the shots with the blatant sun among the ruins, the windows, etc. i have no love for cropping out the sun, esp. where it shines day and night.. itin. says you are leaving naples today.. plans are only plans.. jumping off the train on a whim at a random station is one of my favorites..