08 May 2008

i'm sleeping i'm dreaming, i'm ten feet tall.

the view outside the colosseum.

girls in the colosseum.

i take pictures of houses...

the running nun.

let us just say, they loved it.

the fountain at san pietro.

the girls at san pietro.

b is for balcony, beautiful, and i want one.

horse and buggy. kickin' it old school i guess.

come feed the little birds, show them you care.

Happy Birthday Mary.

just a nun, doing her thang.

this old man, he read scriptures to his wife.

the river.


kylie said...

i love all of these photos... and especially the person behind the lenz.

Chelsea said...

awesome pictures rique. SO COOL that you are there.
i miss you.
love love love.

carcar said...

ooooo i love the pictures, keep them coming!!!

The guards picture is awesome.

Jeffrey Benson said...