02 May 2008

i'll take you to the acra po lis

There is something about the Greeks that I have never understood, their mythologies. I remember studying them in my english class my freshman year of high school and thinking them entertaining, yet unusual. Having been raised in an LDS environment creates an outlook on such religious beliefs to be different. It is kind of “fun” to think there is a different god for every element of life, but peculiar at the same time. It is funny how all of their stories seems to work out with an element of their history. Great planning Greeks, congratulations you did it again!

IT REALLY DOES EXIST…I have been learning about the ancient Greek culture since I could read and finally I am seeing the remains of the great nation that once existed. PJ (professor Johnson, whom I have now dubbed PJ) took the group to see the ancient Acropolis. Here at the Acropolis one would find the Parthenon, the old temple of Athena, Erechthion, Propylaea, Temple of Athena Nike, and much much more.

There was also a visit to that great god Zeus’ temple, which is now in pieces. The pictures could not possibly give the size of the columns justice. They are monumental.

This circle was a great five minute entertainment (on Zeus' temple grounds) when I made myself dizzy walking around it. The things I can do to keep my life engaging.

Let's please not forget the dance party the took place as well. Thanks to Andre 3000 and Morris Brown.

The interesting items I learn today:
1. Athena - is one of the most important goddesses in Greek mythology. Goddess of wisdom, war, the arts, industry, justice and skill. Athena sprang full-grown and armored from the forehead of the god Zeus and was his favorite child.
2. Poseidon - God of the sea. His weapon was a trident, which could shake the earth, and shatter any object. He was second only to Zeus in power amongst the gods.
3. Athena and Poseidon challenged each other to become the “main” god of Athens and obviously Athena won by granting Greece with the gift of the olive tree. (I have never seen so many olives/olive trees in my life)
4. Greeks will do anything for money.
5. If male Greeks know any english at all, they can say “Hey Ladies” in a creepy voice.
6. The sidewalks are slippery, so be careful not to do the splits when crossing the street.
7. American tourists are ridiculous.
8. Cars and motorcycles don’t follow any sort of traffic laws driving the wrong way on roads and sidewalks. If you are in their way they will probably hit you rather than stop.
9. Athens may be dirty, but it is a fantastic place, full of life.


carcar said...

ooo it sounds so exciting! Gotta love the creepy guys too.

Jacob said...

oh riq. sounds like a blast. i want to be there!