30 May 2008

i'd like to dream my troubles all away.

Three days gone, two days left. Madrid has been a first class city to visit. I may not fully appreciate what Darien does in Spain, but I am getting there. There is a definitely love in my heart for this country, if only I could spend more time. With our group we were able to visit three museums with the rest of our time to spend as we please. I could not imagine a better way to spend my free time than with my roommate and friend ALYSE MURPHY! Oh what a joy it has been to see a familiar face and have someone to walk around Madrid with.

Upon the final museum of day one (29 May) I left the group and ventured towards the ever so beautiful temple. Originally Alyse and I discussed I would meet her after her group finished baptisms for the dead but it just so happened that I ran into them on their way up towards the temple. I had the delightful opportunity to enter the temple and participate in baptisms for the dead too. It is great to come to the temple and leave the world behind; it truly is heaven on earth.

Alyse and I then ditched her group and ventured towards the more populated areas. The Plaza (platha) Mayor was one of the stops. We caught up on each other, made our way to my hotel, and off Alyse went. Until today (30 May) when we played again at the Royal Palace. It was a short visit but entertaining none the less. Like I said, it was just nice to see an old friend! Only a week and a half till I will see another dear friend, oh Kylie Nixon!

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