23 May 2008

i stirred it with my finger.

Song of the day: Heart it Races (Architecture in Helsinki) – Covered by Dr. Dog

The city of gondolas, men in striped shirts, pigeons, fruit vendors, and tourists. The only mode of transportation is by foot or boat. The train virtually pulled right up to the water, we exitedly and thankfully only walked the one hundred or so yards to our hotel. Hidden back in an alley is where I lived for three days. The neighbors across the street even hang their clothes on the line that connect to the walls of the hotel. I wonder if they get embarrassed about hanging their underwear up.

Another day of ambling on our own. I decided since I had a week and a half without communication for parents I should call. Unfortunately I could not stay on the phone for hours, I have to save minutes in order to communicate with the girl who is coming to get my suitcase (finally). The conversation was brief and the sad news came at the goodbye. My mother informed me that my beautiful dog of fourteen point five years (of my twenty point five year life) was being put to rest. It may seem that although she was stuck in our basement with infrequent visitors during the week we did not love her like we do Bailey. But that is all assumptions, and you know what happens when we assume. In the words of Natalie, “Bailey is still the beast, and Chipper will always be the beauty.” I will miss the times when we walk in the door and she smiles at you, a true, loving grin.

Following my sad moment, I immediately got ready to go out in order to distract myself from my sadness. What do I notice but dogs everywhere. Taking the liberty and use of my camera, I took pictures of every dog I saw. Be it large or small, I was envious of the owner. As we meandered over bridges and through alleys, I happened upon a beautiful dalmation. Her blue eyes stared at me and immediately I saw Chipper, with the weak Italian I know I asked the owner if I could snap a picture.

I only wish I could have said a final goodbye. Here is to the dog that used to scare me half to death when I would take out the trash but would so lovingly lick you to death while you sat with her on that green leather couch (yes there was once a green leather couch).

All in all, Venice is a beautiful city and there is so much more to be seen.

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cate said...

great song of the day. Dr. Dog does it better than the original by Architecture in Helsinki...