11 May 2008

here's to...

my mother. she is beautiful, wise, and my best friend. happy mothers day!

my sister and best friend. she is turning twenty three today (12 May). happy birthday to her!

These two, incredible, women have been my guiding light through my life. On these two very special days I can not help but want to spend all my time with them. I suppose with Darien on a mission and myself being in another country presents a barrier, but thank goodness for technology. The video chat/mother's day phone call leaves me with a smile before bed. Steve Jobs, helping families reach each other. I suppose I should send him a thank you. (Or is it him who should be thanking me for throwing library dance parties wish his iPods)
Either way, I am just grateful to have the opportunity to speak to both my mother and sister today. They are the most beautiful women (inside and out) that I know.

Aside from celebrating mother's day away from my own, I had the chance to visit a ward here in Rome where there were many mothers being celebrated. La festa della mamma. What another enjoyable experience to attend my church meetings in another country. I am looking forward to spending two glorious months in an Italian ward beginning in June. Although i could not understand everything, I attempted to decipher the few phrases I recognized. One of these days i will master the language, until then I will pretend know more than I really do.

I learned of a man's conversion story today. I am guessing he is in his late twenties. Return missionary. He joined the church in his early twenties after meeting the missionaries at San Pietro (the large piazza in Vatican City). He had been in preparation to become a catholic priest, but dropped all of that to be baptized. Jeffrey (this is his name) attended church, read the scriptures was baptized. Four months later his mother joined the church and while he was on his mission his mother's sister began the discussions. By finding one individual, the missionaries helped bring the gospel to more.

In honor of mother's day, two older sister's (possibly twins) brought a guitar, beating hands, and their voices. The song ultimately said "Mother, this song is for you. I love you." It was fun to watch one play the guitar while the other beat her hand on the end like the guitar was a drum. The guitar just became a multi use instrument for more than one person. Love music.

Sunday is such a peaceful day, a divine day of rest.

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