23 May 2008

eyes from sorrento to pompeii to capri.

*just click the photograph to view it larger.


our journey to sorrento, and the cow enjoyed every second.

a train at the station in naples waiting to continue our venture to sorrento.

an old couple I took a seat behind, then the man exited the train, i suppose they were not an old couple after all.

three phone calls on my cellular (at five thirty am) woke me so i enjoyed the rising sun in an alternative to more sleep.


"everybody grab a pole." no one got it, but this is for you mom. <3

as previously stated, the cow enjoys all her travels. here you will see her at pompeii.

they look as though they could make a humble abode here in this house.

mano e mano andiamo. (hand and hand we go) and not to forget the yellow hats

the cow. the poppies.

the cow. the poppies. some arties.

the possibly smiling plaster individual.


a city on the hill.

"im a lawn nome." ramsey this is for you, even though it is not exactly a lawn nome.

big cow little cow. they belong together. these chupa chub cows were everywhere on the island of capri.


Whitney said...

the poppy = my favorite flower
rique = my favorite person

carcar said...

The cow is turning into the knome on Amelie!!!