21 May 2008

dream i'm in the salt water.

May 14, 2008. Sorrento Sorrento. The city that does not like the traveler with suitcases. I spent the majority of my walk from the train station to the hotel walking down the road with cars coming so close I was nervous of my suitcase being ripped to shreds. Alas we reached the hotel and were given time to venture on our own. How we cherish the time of freedom. We chose to bask in the sun and eventually find dinner. The day was relaxed yet enjoyable.

not a beach in sight. all cliff to water.

May 15, 2008. The still active volcano, Mount Vesuvius, can do some real destruction. What seemed like it would be a pleasant town is now in ruins. Pompeii is an interesting place. A little eerie if you ask me. Once I watched a movie on the city in elementary school and they scared the bejeebees out of me with the plaster people. The way the archeologists were able to capture the body positions was to poor plaster into hole underground where a person was laying. The bones are still intact and the plaster essentially recreates the body, probably a little smaller than the human actually was. Now I have seen them in person and am still creeped. Their body positions show so much fear and pain. I cannot imagine knowing my life is going to end right at that moment. I wonder what their last thoughts were. One of these individuals (I say individuals because they once were alive) almost looked as if s/he was smiling, but probably is the face of immense pain.
song of the day: Volcano - Damien Rice

the clouds may be hovering, but that is the suv back there in all her glory.

May 16, 2008. Capri, an island of the coast of Italy, is such a pleasant yet touristy place. We had the opportunity to hike to the highest peak (which really isn’t terribly high, but steep cobblestone paths paved the way). We had a view of the blue blue sea and green green island. Really it was beautiful. I do not even remember whose ancient villa it was that we saw, all I know is it must have been nice to be a Roman emperor. After our hour hike in and out we were free to do as we pleased. I chose not to pay twenty euro of visit the blue grotto (which apparently is beautiful) with the mind set that I would be coming back to Italy some day. Instead I walked the streets of Capri around the residential area. Because the whole town is on a hill there were lots of stairs and hills. There was a pleasant little bench in the shade where I sat and wrote for a couple hours. I cannot figure out why I love it, but I enjoy sitting by myself. Another pleasant day in Italy and more to come.
song of the day: House on the Hill - Beach House

the picture speaks louder than words.

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