03 May 2008

day number four...

I guess I would have to say day four check check and check. We only have Sunday left in Athens, then off to Rome. A dream come true for me. Do not take this the wrong way, although Athens is a fabulous place, I have been awaiting my entrance to Italy for quite some time now. I know I will love every part of it, whether or not it is as great a place as people have claimed.
Today we visited the Archeological Museum of Greece; it is neat to see how far art has come. This artwork may not seem as cool, but we would be nowhere without it. We all owe the past a big round of applause for bringing us to where we are today.
Because we only had a museum visit as the group we were all left with time to fill from one until now. What better thing to do than visit the coast, how many times will you have the opportunity to step in the water of the Ionic Sea? The trip back and forth was long, the visit was short. Rocky beach and no swim suit left hardly a reason to stay. As it was nice to see a Greece beach, I prefer the sand and clothed women of Newport.
The best part of the day was sitting on the tram, seeing an older woman board and have nowhere to sit. (That was not the good part, don’t worry) I offered her my seat, but of course there was difficulty with the language barrier. She was grateful and accepted, then turned around and gestured that I come sit next to her. I squeezed in between her and Molly for 15 minutes while she just smiled. She seemed grateful for such a simple gesture and it made me feel that I did at least one good thing today. I will call her friend number three since I could not ask her name. She was sweet.

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