22 May 2008

and she's chosen to believe.

The following refers to my stay in Florence. May seventeenth through May twentieth.
song for the remain: The Gloating Sun - The Shins

And now for the City of Florence…Here is where I would lose my second suitcase, but was unsuccessful in all attempts. I must travel to Milan in hopes that I can lose it there and venture to Spain, France, and England without it. It rained the majority of the time during our visit in Florence and I still enjoyed every second. I learned a few things here and am hoping to take a day trip or two back when I settle in Siena.
Of course this is the city that is the home to the famous Duomo. As impressive as exterior is, the interior is bland. They took all artifacts out of it to put in a museum where you must pay to see. Yes, we still visited that museum but I do not think there is the same effect of seeing the art and sculpture inside the Duomo. Still impressive as it was.
below: a night shot of florence along the river.

Ravenna is another city in Italy that the arties visited. We found plenty of byzantine art, and if that means nothing to you...it consists of many mosaics and gold. Surprisingly I enjoyed this art more than the previous. I wrote a paper on one of the mosaics so it was exciting to see the work in real life. (as opposed to fake life). Everything is much more impressive in person, so I will no longer judge the art before I have the chance to see the real deal. If I were to ever move to Italy I would choose Ravenna. The streets are lined with bicycles and if you did not know already, I am obsessed. Rain or shine, there are bicyclists getting to and from places, twenty-four hours a day. Oh the life I would live. I wish I could make a living riding my bike everywhere. My plan for the upcoming semester is to say goodbye to the trusty beast of a land-cruiser (Robert will have the joy of being taxi driver) and ride my bike anywhere I need to go. No commitment to anyone – except for the seat I plan to put on the back like all Europeans. Exercise. And most importantly saving the environment one car at a time. (If it should happen that I never marry, I will make a living traveling the world on my bike peddling flowers or something of the sort. If not the world, the states. I have been inspired by a young man Alex Supertramp, his nom de plume) Although I joke, I really would fancy this lifestyle. I refer to “Into the Wild” a book I am currently reading.

After Ravenna came our last day in Florence and a day when the term “it rained cats and dogs” would be appropriate. Mud up the back of my skirt from flip-flops doing their fair share of spraying. A broken yellow umbrella. The anxiety build-up for my five minute. Crowds of tourists. Despite the downfalls, I was still surprisingly (I say surprisingly because I am fairly worn out) happy to have another day to wander. We did group visits in the morning, had a break, and finished at the Uffizi where five of us arties presented different works of art. I built up way too many nerves for the presentation which was successful and complete! Break time: I made my way back to the hotel, assembled dirty laundry, read, napped, prepared the presentation, and had an adventure. I happened upon an eclectic vintage store where I wanted to buy everything in there. What is the my appeal to all things old, I do not know. There may be a trip back to see what I can find. They may not say “Italy”, but I found some great souvenirs. Anyone? Anyone? I dropped off my laundry, packed, and slept.

another uncertainty in Venice awaits.

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Barbara said...

If I could possibly choose a day, I think this may be my favorite day of your photographs. Gorgeous ... sigh ...