08 May 2008

am i outta my head, or is this real life?

Four days in Rome and it feels like forever.

I had previously stated that I would like to take Italy “in” one day at a time and here we squeeze about 6 days into 6 hours. I suppose this is what you get when you travel around Europe for only seven weeks. Hopefully one day I will be able to return and absorb everything more fully. As decided earlier, I love Italy. It is amazing to see the artwork, sculpture, streets, cars, buildings, churches, cathedrals and people. Granted I am in a touristy area of Italy, but it is so fun to see the individuals and watch how they interact with one another. I have found a favorite group of people, well groups I suppose since you see them EVERYWHERE you go.

Here is where I have visited in the past couple days:

1. The Flavian Amphitheater

2. Arch of Constantine
3. Arch of Titus
4. Basilica Nova
5. Roman Forum

6. Column on Trajan
7. Museo Nazionale Romano
8. Museo Capitolini
9. San Pietro

10. Piazza Navona
11. Church of Ignazio

12. Church of Santa Maria
13. Pantheon

I would be lying is I said any of these places were boring. It is hard to believe that I am here, in Italy, visiting these ancient places. What an experience it is to admire the great works of various artists of the past. Don’t you worry; the girls in my group are walking testimonies of how fantastic each and EVERY artifact is. Every location we come to you will hear a “gasp” and “Why didn’t he warn us this was right around the corner.” I love the excitement of my fellow arties.
So far the greatest moments for myself have been spent in intricate church after intricate church. I decided, despite my LDS faith and background, I would find significance in each church we toured. As long as I was quiet, kept my eyes open and was patient, there was something that made the visit worthwhile.
I prefer to spend my day experiencing new “things,” where I have found a majority of the girls always need something to be doing. I do not mind adventuring to new areas of the city, maybe get lost, then look at a map and find yourself. I have been dubbed the indecisive girl as I really do not care where I go. This is where I differ than many: I am satisfied walking down an unfamiliar road taking pictures, greeting people, and observing the ordinary. What a world this life has been.

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carcar said...

ughhhhh it sounds amazing!! i LOVE LOVE LOVE old churches. they are still holy places, i am glad that you love them too :)

Keep Adventuring....that is the best!