01 May 2008

airport samba.

You know it will be great when you can’t understand any languages being spoken around you but you couldn’t be more excited about what awaits. I write while waiting for my flight to Athens, Greece. Nearly twelve hours ago I was in the United States of America, now I am just hoping that I will want to return when scheduled in August. Already I have had some interesting experiences. Let me start from the parent’s drop-off at Sky Harbor international. Mom, Dad, and I entered the elevator. Dad got off at level three to go straight to his gate, while mom and I remained to check my baggage on level two. In between the two floors I managed to fall completely to the ground while knocking over both of my suitcases and jamming one into another elevator passengers leg. That was a good start to the trip…I can’t even handle two suitcases standing still who knows what will happen when I get them in Greece and 2:35 am. As soon as I loose a bag in Italy life will be simpler.
I got my bags checked, made it through security, and ran down the terminal to my gate where I gave a last good bye to dad. His gate just so happened to be across from mine and the nice airline employees let him stay off the plane till I arrived. I had about an hour to kill so I found a seat next to a nice British gentleman. He asked me to watch his bag while he went to the loo. I assumed his intentions where innocent so I agreed. We talked until passengers boarded the plane. One new friend down, millions to go.
The second friend I made on the plane. To be honest I couldn’t understand what his name was, but he was a very kind Iranian gentleman who talked to me whenever we were both awake. I learned about his family, and him my European adventures. We lucked out when no one took the seat between us. I slept, wrote letters, watched Juno, and slept. A great flight indeed.
The greatest thing of the day is seeing what my parents will be like in 30 years. I boarded the shuttle to transfer terminals and noticed in the back a couple wearing the male and female version of the same outfit. I couldn’t help but imagine my parents doing the same thing when they are retired and traveling the world. I will give you a description of what this couple looked like. They were a country club couple in matching sand colored ankle pants, and each sporting white leather shoes (man in trendy vans, woman in classy flats). Their cotton candy pink sweaters and collared shirts completed this magnificent outfit. Like I said, male and female versions of the same outfit. Not only do I see my parents doing this, but also I have a strange desire for that to be me in 50 years.
What an opportunity this is for me. Thank you to my parents for all of their support.

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