23 May 2008

ain't nobody knows.

song of the day: Flightless Bird, American Mouth - Iron and Wine

This morning Molly and I went for a run with intentions of returning in forty minutes. The forty minutes turned into an hour and fifteen minutes when we got lost jogging over unknown bridges and alleyways. We were fine, yet as lost as you could be in a city where it is impossibly to tell where you are. If only every city in the world were mapped out like those in Utah, if only. Running in a foreign city is always thrilling and getting lost makes it that much greater, and keeps you on the move longer, so it is not so bad after all.

Museum Choice Day presented plenty of options, but of course we chose the modern route. Peggy Guggenheim was so kind to provide us with an attractive house full of exceptional art. Displays of work by Pablo Picasso to Jackson Pollock. I still wonder how these artists think, I admire them, I envy them, I appreciate them, I love them. I took vigorous and detailed notes and plan, upon my settling in Siena and my return to the states, to attempt more art (even if it is my simple card making hobby that I love so dearly).

Lunch, nap, sunset. It was a Venice dream day. Despite the few hours of rain, the perfection of the today’s journeys leaves pleasant memories. Mistakenly we left unduly late to catch the sun in the downward motion, but we still witnessed water like glass while the clouds hid the last of the suns rays. An ultimate end to the day and stay.

Tomorrow to Milan, Monday to Barcelona (so close to my sister, it is unreal).

post script – I opted out of purchasing a train ticket for my friend to come to Milan and bring my suitcase back to Siena. I will now ship it to my future residence in the fine Tuscan city to await my arrival (one month!).
I also spoke on the phone with Rita and my excitement soared. Rita is a pleasant, single, retired woman who I will be sharing living quarters with for eight weeks. She keeps bees and sews; I plan to participate in her hobbies. She was kind on the phone and seems ecstatic that I called, my four weeks alone with her are going to be a dream.

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